Privacy Notice for "GPS Breakout Clone" (2018) created by Software Company Name

This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for GPS Breakout Clone. This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by this application. It will notify you of the following:
What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the app,
how it is used and with whom it may be shared.
And the security procedures in place to protect the misuse of your information.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing
The only data this application receives, explicitly or implicitly, from the users of this application are...
1) The users' GPS location(s) while using the application
2) The users' camera's output while using the application
3) Any text typed into the text box on the "message the developer" screen prior to pressing the send button on said screen
4) The users' IPV6 address when starting (hosting) a multiplayer game

The section below will explain in detail how each of these four data sets are used within the context of the application and any other place they are used.

1) GPS Location(s)
While playing GPS Breakout Clone, the user's GPS location(s) are accessed in order to move the player around the screen. User GPS locations are not recorded, shared, or accessible to anyone, including other users in multiplayer, ever. The updating of the positions of other players in multiplayer mode are done with screen positions only, not with actual GPS locations. To reiterate, the GPS locations of users are not accessible by anyone at any point in time, ever.

2) Camera output
There is an option on the options menu to make the playing field background be the image which the user's camera is currently viewing. The data from the camera used to make this image is not stored, shared, or visible to anyone in any form except by that of the user currently using the application, and then it is not stored or share, and is only visible in the form of a background image on the playing field.

3) Message the developer
On the main menu of GPS Breakout Clone, there is a button that accesses the "message the developer" screen. As the screen explains, if the user inputs into the text box, and then presses the send button near the bottom right, the text inside the text box will be uploaded to a folder on a website that only the developer (Software Company Name) has access to. In addition to the text in the box, there is also a timestamp attached to the uploaded text for organizational purposes. This information may be stored on the website for any length of time, but generally is only stored long enough for it to be read by the developer(s), then it is deleted. The information may be shared, but only consists of whatever the user voluntarily inputs into the text box, and then the time it is sent. It is completely anonymous.

4) Sharing of the user's IPV6 address
When starting, not joining, a multiplayer game, GPS Breakout Clone uses the site "" to get the IPV6 address of the user starting the online game. This address is then uploaded to a server controlled by Software Company Name, as well some game parameters (ball speed, field size, etc... no personal information), in order to share this address and information with other users trying to join their online game. No users are able to see the address at any point in time. The address is only shared with users trying to join the online game, it is not visible and is only used internally by GPS Breakout Clone, and it is only accessible if the joining user provides the proper game name, and if the user who started the online game also provides a password, the user joining must also have the password in order to join said online game. The addresses uploaded are periodically deleted, securely stored, and never read by Software Company Name or anyone else, ever.

If you have any questions about the GPS Breakout Clone's use of information as provided by the user either explicitly or implicitly, please contact Software Company Name at